The Lynn Book Projects Archive is an evolving online portal to over 2000 digitized artifacts from the artist's 45-year corpus of experimental projects and research at the intersection of arts, culture, change.

The Lynn Book Projects Archive (LBPA) is an online portal emerging from a 5-year initiative dedicated to digitizing and preserving Lynn Book’s creative works from 1978 into the 2020s. It is a distinctive record of the artist as catalyst and collaborator. Her body of interdisciplinary, transmedia artworks have spanned time and place for over four decades in a range of cities, institutions, public and digital spaces. Book’s projects have also circulated internationally via performance and live events, audio recordings, video art works, exhibition and curatorial programs.

Historically, Book has used physical, humanistic, and interpretive means to investigate concepts and conditions of body, image, language, knowledge, power and action. She has deployed rigorously imaginative proposals that ground and propel her development of multimodal projects at the threshold of practice, theory, experiment. Her evolution as an artist invested in the performative has paralleled the emergence of performance art and other urgent and adventurous art forms that respond to and shape the creative life of this millennium bridging era. The artist’s work also spans the period in which technology began transitioning from a corporate industry media to a more ‘democratic’, user access media, making this archive an uncommon study.

Book has also been an artist dedicated to knowledge making through teaching, curricular invention and program building in a range of educational frameworks. This life-long commitment to inquiry and action has both extended and amplified her artistic agenda. It was from this vantage point that initial interest, funding and support led to the start of the Lynn Book Projects Archive in 2017 at Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Partners and contributors instrumental in the LBPA coming to life include the following with more information in the About section. This endeavor is indebted to the Wake Forest University students and alums who have been vital to its creation:

- The Humanities Institute, Wake Forest University (WFU)
- DISC, Digital Initiatives and Scholarly Communications, ZSR Library, WFU
- Special Collections and Multimedia/Digital Productions, ZSR Library, WFU
- URECA-X, Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities, Office of the Dean, WFU
- IPLACe, Interdisciplinary Performance and the Liberal Arts Center, WFU
- IAC, Interdisciplinary Arts Center, WFU
-Jay Buchanan (’17), Julia Ough (’18), Chloe Williams (’21) and Kaya Borlase (’20), WFU

Lynn Book Projects Archive online portal is supported by Wake Forest University and links to its sister site:

Lynn Book Projects are also archived on these sites:
Randolph Street Gallery archives, Special Collections, School of the Art Institute of Chicago Library
Experimental Sound Studio, Chicago
Roulette Intermedium, New York
PennSound, University of Pennsylvania