Gorgeous Fever: the radio drama, 1996, audio recording

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Gorgeous Fever: the radio drama, 1996, audio recording


The Gorgeous Fever project reflects the rigorous, unsettled texture of Book’s creative process as she premiered it in Chicago (1994), and continued to evolve it in Cleveland (1996), and several sites in Wisconsin and in New York (1996-97). Along the way, she created and recorded Gorgeous Fever: the radio drama, which received support from a MacArthur Foundation Project Residency through the Experimental Sound Studio (ESS) in Chicago. This iteration of the project not only evinced a new medium – an audio recording that exists as a work of art in its own right – but also offered fresh possibilities for critiquing normative standards set in play by social structures, for instance, the over anatomization of women’s bodies by the Western medical system to try and contain its intrinsic ‘excess’. The performance thereafter included the apparatus of a radio drama replete with tabletop sound effects and cassette tapes (Milwaukee, 1996), thereby exposing certain illusory elements masked by more theatrical staging. As well, Book, the performer, becomes also the director, inverting the hierarchy of power by taking on the voices of the doctors inscribing illness on the woman’s (erotic) body.

Project Iterations include:
Gorgeous Fever: the radio drama (the audio recording)
Gorgeous Fever: the radio drama / audio recording (MacArthur Foundation Project Residency at Experimental Sound Studio, Chicago)

Project Contributors Include:
Lynn Book –Artist, Artistic Director, Writer, Composer, Designer, Performer
Sound Design – Dave Pavkovic with Lynn Book
Sound Engineer – Lou Mallozzi
Music – Lynn Book with Tatsu Aoki, Terri Kapsalis, and Dave Pavkovic

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"Gorgeous Fever: the radio drama”, stand-alone audio recording (running time: 47:59) which was produced and recorded through a project residency at Experimental Sound Studio, Chicago, 1995, through a generous grant from the MacArthur Foundation. The…
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